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Confectionery gels are often high sugar systems composed of more than one gelling agent. Our complete range of confectionary pectin support a vast range of textures required in the market today. Fruit juice, water, flavour and texturizers are then moulded into a variety of shapes & flavours. More and more of these confectionery systems are being fortified with a variety of vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals. Not only does the market see gelled confectionary as a comforting treat, but also as a nutraceutical with specific health targeted benefits. The confectionary market is facing several exciting challenges where pectin can play a key role. Sugar reduction and gelatine replacement for vegan options are continuous points of concern for consumers and manufacturers.

Gelation of pectin occurs very rapidly in a high sugar confectionary system. At DSM Andre pectin, we manufacture a variety of specialty blends for all types of gelled confectionery, suitable for both batch and continuous processes. Pectin is known for its great flavour release so it is the obvious first choice amongst premier confectionery manufactures.

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    Traditional Fruit Jelly

    Above 70% TSS with high acidity. Slow set HM pectin or buffered slow set pectin.

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    Turkish Delight

    High pH gel for non-fruit flavours. Amidated pectin.

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    Normally high sugar conditions but with chewy texture. Slow set, or extra slow set HM pectin or custom buffered system with our without additional hydrocolloids.

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    Normally combined with egg whites to create a stabilised mallow. Medium rapid or slow set pectin.