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Fruit-Based Products

It has been well known for centuries that pectin forms different types of gelled structures under particular conditions, and this has been used to prepare jams, jellies, and marmalades ever since

Pectin is and found in all land plants but is highly concentrated in certain fruits. These fruits (mainly apple, lemon, lime and orange) provide the main raw materials for pectin production. The extraction process conditions determine the properties of the pectin and the structure of the final gelled system. Pectins extracted from the industrial process are classified according to their methyl-ester content; the higher the methyl-ester number (known as Degree of methylation or DE) determine the setting rate of the pectin.

Rapid set pectin generally has a high DE, while medium and slow set pectins have a decreasing DE; this is generally measured as a combination of setting time and temperature.

Pectin with DE above 50% is known as a High Methyl ester pectin (HM) and require sugar levels above 55% solids and a low pH around pH3.2. When the DE falls below 50% these are known as low methyl-ester pectins (LMC). LMC requires calcium in the system to set. We can further process LM pectins to manufacture an amidated pectin (LMA) which offers even greater flexibility to the manufacturers.

When the level of fruit or added sugar is low, LM pectin interacts with the calcium naturally occurring in fruit to create the optimal gel structure. Additional calcium can be added when required. Both HM and LMC pectins enjoy “organic allowed” status offering a solution to those consumers who seek healthy and clean label options.

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    Traditional High Sugar Jams Total solids above 55%

    DSM High Methyl ester (HM) pectin. Particular choice depends on container size, packing temperature and holding time.

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    Low Sugar Jams and Fruit Spreads Total solids below 50%

    LMC and LMA pectins. Particular choice depends on actual fruit and sugar content and texture required.

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    Fruit Preparations for Yoghurt

    Fruit preparations for top, bottom or separate from yoghurt. LMA pectins give optimal solutions for yoghurt. Excellent flavour release, Shear and thermo reversible for good pump-ability, Excellent syneresis control.

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    Organic Jams and Fruit Spreads

    Traditional high sugar and low sugar jams and spreads. HM and LMC pectins can be used in organic jams and spreads.