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Apple pectin is an outstanding solution for the demanding conditions of bake-stable fruit preparations. Designed to guarantee stability at high temperatures for long cooking times, they prevent burning, loss of liquids and spillage of colour in the dough. When post bake filings and preparation need to be pumped, the optimal shear resistance of our low ester amidated pectin is the feature that allows the correct flow rate and pumpability. When the objective is to protect the fruits adorning a cake or gateaux with a transparent and shiny layer, then our special low ester pectin designed for glazes are the solution.

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    Bake Stable Filling

    Heat resistant filling for dough or pastry prior to baking. LMC pectins impart good heat resistance to prevent boil out or burning while retaining shiny appearance.

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    Post Bake Filling

    Normally injected post bake. Must be shear resistant for pumpability. LMC and LMA pectins are able to create smooth pumpable post bake fillings.

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    Bakery Glazes

    Spray glaze, hot use dilutable glaze and cold use ready to use glaze. Improves appearance and retains the freshness of the fruit. LMA pectins can produce rapid setting gels for spray glazes to the thixotropic type gel suitable for ready to use glazes and nappage.