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In dairy applications where volumes are high and product specifications stringent, an in-depth knowledge of production processes and technologies is fundamental to obtain the desired result.

Whether used in yogurt, milk-based desserts or acidified milk drinks, our HM and LMA pectin for dairy are produced from carefully selected raw materials.

Pectin serves many purposes in dairy; it is a powerful controller of syneresis. It gives structure and texture to set yogurt, controls viscosity and mouthfeel in the stirred version. In acidified milk drinks pectin protects milk proteins during heat treatment yielding a stable product with perfect mouthfeel.

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    Dairy Beverage

    Yoghurt or milk drinks either directly acidified or fermented. HM pectin specially selected for stabilising milk proteins in acid conditions.

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    Where yoghurt needs additional texture, body and good syneresis control. LMA pectin.

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    Non-dairy products

    The manufacture of plant-based yoghurts and non- dairy beverages. HM and LMA pectin with or without additional hydrocolloids.