The industrial manufacture of pectin is a year round
industry starting with seasonal raw materials which are mainly obtained as press residues from apple or citrus fruit juice production.

Andre Group owns 9 apple juice production bases in five different provinces of main China, in Shandong, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Liaoning and Shanxi. Over two million tons of fresh apples are processed annually on 14 production lines with a capacity to produce over 300,000 tons of apple juice concentrate. 80,000 tons of apple pomace, the by-product from this production, are controlled by the Andre Group's quality team to ensure that only the highest quality pomace is used for our pectin production.

Apple pomace from different growing regions have different properties. Therefore well defined batches are selected for manufacturing special pectin types according to special production recipes.

Main differences between the pomaces are in molecular weight, viscosity and calcium sensitiveness, all attributes which have big impact on final products.

Citrus peels from different sources are also classified in respect to certain parameters and are also selectively used to produce different types of pectin.

The guaranteed supply of raw
material ensures a competitive edge for Yantai Andre Pectin as well as our customers.