HM type DE ØCharacteristics Typical applicationStandardistion to ..
10175 Ultra rapid set Jam, confectionery, fruit juice drinks ...constant gelling properties
and different setting
10271 Rapid set Jams, fruit spreads, confectionery
10368 Medium rapid set Jams, confectionery, baking stable jams
10464 Slow set Jams, Jellies, Confectionery 
10561 Extra slow set Jams, Jellies, Confectionery
14070 Medium capacity Acidified Milk Drink, Yoghurt Drink … specific protein stabilising
14174 Medium capacity Acidified Milk Drink, Yoghurt Drink
14271 High capacity Acidified Milk Drink, Yoghurt Drink
14374 Very high capacity Acidified Milk Drink, Yoghurt Drink
160B 61 Medium capacity Confectionery ...specific buffer capacity
162B61 Medium capacity Confectionery
163B 61 High capacity Confectionery
165B 61 High capacity Confectionery
166B 61 High capacity Confectionery
167B 61 High capacity Confectionery
17073 400-500 cp (4% sol) Juice beverage … specific viscosities
17173 500-600 cp (4% sol) Juice beverage
17275 600-700 cp (4% sol) Juice beverage
17373 >35 cp (1.3% sol) Juice beverage
174D70 80-140 cp (2.5% sol) Juice beverage
186 n.a. Conforms to USP 31 Pharmaceuticals Purity