HM pectin

HM pectins are composed of more than 50% of esterified
galacturonic acid units.

Gelation of HM pectin generally occurs spontaneously during
cooling from a heated aqueous solution in the presence of high solids, usually sugars above 55%, with pH below 3.5. Lower sugar content requires generally higher acidity and vice versa higher solids content lower acidity for optimal gelation.
A higher degree of esterification results in higher setting
temperatures of the gels, which is correlated to a quicker gelling speed. This fact leads to the rule that HM pectins are categorised
into a range from ultra rapid to extra slow set pectins. Also as a
general rule in this context, it can be said, that higher DE will result
in more elastic and brittle gel textures.

We offer a broad range of different DE from 50% to 78%.
HM pectins are standardised either to specific setting temperatures, viscosities, calcium reactivity, protein stabilising capacity or specific buffer capacity. More information about these pectin types can also
be found in our detailed application brochures.